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Privacy Policy

Reviews BID is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of all visitors to the company’s website, i.e., site visitors, as well as customers and other users of Reviews BID’s goods and services. The usage of the website, together with any related apps and services, is outlined in Reviews Bid’s privacy policy. Additionally, this policy explains how Reviews Bid collects, utilizes, and protects your information, including any personally identifying information. The policy also outlines how others may read, modify, or delete your company information.

Whatever changes we make to our website, our privacy policy will remain unchanged. As a user of our service, we will keep you updated on any significant developments. You will get the same notice by email or an app push notification.

Before utilizing our services, please read this policy statement carefully since we want everything about our relationship to be very obvious.

If you have any questions, you may contact us by email at

Information That We Gather
Please take notice of the following data we gather:

Regarding your usage of the Service, third-party websites, and mobile apps, we may make use of cookies, tags, HTML5 local shared objects, flash cookies, and advertising identifiers from third parties. The cookies may be stored locally on your computer, on a mobile device, or in emails you and our organization exchange. Cookies may convey data about you and how you use the Service, such as the kind of browser you use, your search preferences, your IP address, and consequently the date and time of usage. Additionally, cookies could be permanent or simply kept for a certain private session.

The following are some of the reasons why we utilize cookies on the Service:


Designed to Create the Service in the Manner You Expect. For instance, we utilize a Cookie to determine if you have previously created an account.

Security, Authentication, and Compliance:

intended to prevent fraud, secure your information from other parties, and comply with regulatory obligations. For instance, we determine if you are logged in using cookies.


intended to compile data on how you like the Service to act and look. We may learn about the geolocation of your phone using the Cookies, as well as whether you have approved or disapproved of it.


Intended to allow or prohibit alerts of information or choices that we believe may enhance your usage of the Service. For instance, we use a Cookie to prevent us from displaying the registration notice to you if you have previously seen it.


Analytics are meant to help us better understand how users interact with the service. Cookies make it simple for us to add up the search recommendations depending on your interactions.

Managing Cookies:

You may deactivate certain (but not all) Cookies by adjusting the settings on your device or browser, but doing so could make the Service less useful. Although cookie disabling differs from device to device or relies on the browser, the option is simple to locate under security settings.

Your information may be obtained by third parties as a result of the following:

Service Companies

We could think that a few of the services offered via the Service are supported or provided by third parties. In relation to your use of the Service, we may also trust third parties to carry out certain tasks for us. Examples include communications and hosting services, network security, technical assistance, reporting activities, quality testing, payment processing, etc. We could give these third-party service providers with information from or about you so they can carry out their tasks or fulfill your requests. In order to perform their services or fulfill your requests, these third-party providers could divulge to us information they learn about you from you or from them. Other firms under common management or subsidiaries of third-party suppliers may also get access to this information. While maintaining the look and feel of the Service, certain of our sites use framing methods to offer you content from our third-party suppliers. Please be aware that the third party will be sent the information you supply in such circumstances.

Total Information

We could provide third parties access to user data in the aggregate.

Business Moves

We could disclose data we have on you or about you to our parent companies, our subsidiaries, our joint ventures, or other businesses that are under our shared control, in which case we’ll demand that they abide by this Privacy Policy. If Reviews bid or all or nearly all of our assets are acquired by another business, that company will own a piece of information that is comparable to that information and may assume the rights and duties with regard to that information as outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Organizations on Reviews Bid

Age, gender, the devices you’ve used for our services, and other details are gleaned from your activity and posted on Reviews Bid.


If we have a good faith belief that an investigation or disclosure is necessary to comply with a court order or other legal process, such as a search warrant, subpoena, statute, litigation, or other legal process served on us, or is necessary to stop, investigate, or uncover potential wrongdoing involving the Service, or is necessary to protect our rights, reputation, property, or that of others, we may investigate and disclose information from or about you. If you make an attempt to criticize or request reviews, we may discuss your complaint with the author of that item to get a fair answer.


The service may connect to external service links. We don’t provide them access to your personal information, and we’re not responsible for their privacy policies, unless specifically stated here. We advise reading the privacy policies on any and all of these third-party services.

Instagram and Twitter

We will be able to get your information from the third parties if you register for Reviews Bid using your Facebook account or connect your Reviews bid account to your account with a third-party service like Facebook or Twitter. We could use your data to assist you with setting up a Reviews Bid account, connecting with your friends and followers, and sharing open content. Here, you may choose how your Reviews bid account is connected to other services. If you click the “like,” “share,” or other accessible buttons, those businesses may learn information about you, including the IP address of your device.


By clicking here, you may delete your account. By doing this, we will delete all of the publicly accessible posts from your account as well. Unless otherwise forbidden by law, we will only retain the information about you that is required for authorisation purposes under this privacy policy. This information may be useful in halting or looking into improper behaviour related to services or legal duties.


Children under the age of 13 are not intended for public audiences and are not targeted by the Service. Please get in touch with us here if you learn that a young child has given us personal information without your permission. We will immediately take action to deactivate the kid’s account if we learn, in any situation, that a child under the age of 13 has given us with any kind of personal information without the agreement of an adult or guardian.


To protect the personal data provided to us, we adhere to widely established industry standards. We cannot, however, provide any guarantees since there is no alternative completely secure mode of data transfer. Therefore, we employ generally accepted business practices to protect your personal information.

Changes to Privacy Policies

Reviews Bid has the right to alter its Privacy Policy at any moment, with the majority of modifications probably being minor. Visitors are urged by Reviews Bid to routinely review this page for updates to the Privacy Policy. With your continuous use of the website, we shall consider that you have informed yourself of any updates.

How to Contact the Website

Please email us at if you have any queries about our privacy statement.

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